Other Areas

  • Business & Corporate Law
    1. formation of for-profit organizations (corporations, LLCs, Partnerships etc)
    2. formation of non-profit organizations such 501c's (private foundations and public charities)
    3. contracts and acquisitions
  • Consumer Protection

    1. DTPA violation (deceptive trade practices)
    2. Unfair debt collection
    3. Insurance actions (deceptive insurance practices)
    4. Fraud
    5. Warranty
    6. Breach of contract
    7. Premises liability- (slip & fall actions, personal injury actions)
    8. Equitable relief, and
    9. others
  • Medical malpractice
    1. Negligence
    2. Informed consent, lack of
    3. Wrongful death actions- damage you have suffered due to loss of a loved one caused by someone's wrong
    4. Survival actions- action a loved one would have made had s/he survived
  • Family Law
    1. Divorce
    2. Annulment
    3. Declare marriage void
    4. Enforcing orders
    5. Modifying orders, and
    6. others
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